ROS End-Effector package: provides a ROS-based set of standard interfaces to command robotics end-effectors in an agnostic fashion.
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CROSEE::ActionThe pure virtual class representing an Action
 CROSEE::ActionGenericClass to handle a generic, simple action
 CROSEE::ActionComposedA ActionComposed, which is formed by one or more Primitives (or even other composed)
 CROSEE::ActionPrimitiveVirtual class, Base of all the primitive actions
 CROSEE::ActionPinchGenericA base virtual class for the PinchTight and PinchLoose classes
 CROSEE::ActionMultiplePinchTightClass to describe the action of "pinching" with more than 2 tips (with 2 tips there is the ActionPinchTight and ActionPinchLoose The number of the finger used is fixed when the object is costructed, and it is stored in the father member nFingersInvolved
 CROSEE::ActionPinchLooseThe action of pinch with two tips
 CROSEE::ActionPinchTightThe action of pinch with two tips
 CROSEE::ActionSingleJointMultipleTipsPrimitive which indicate a motion of n fingers moving ONLY ONE joint
 CROSEE::ActionTrigThe action of moving some joints (see later) of a single finger in a full clousure position towards the palm
 CROSEE::ActionTimedAn action composed by other ones that must be executed one after other with some wait time (also 0) in between
 CROSEE::ActionMultiplePinchTight::depthCompStruct to put in order the actionStates
 CROSEE::ActionPinchTight::depthCompStruct to put in order the actionStates
 CROSEE::ActionPinchLoose::distCompStruct to put in order the actionStates set
 CROSEE::EEHalClass representing an end-effector
 CROSEE::DummyHalClass representing an end-effector
 CROSEE::XBot2HalConcrete class which communicate directly with ROS topics
 CROSEE::EEInterfaceClass representing and End-Effector
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 CROSEE::Utils::DifferentKeysException< Map1, Map2 >
 CROSEE::FindActionsClass to check which fingertips collide (for the pinch action at the moment)
 CROSEE::ParserClass responsible for parsing the YAML file providing the URDF, SRDF, the EE-HAL library implementation and the EEInterface
 CROSEE::ParserMoveItClass to parse urdf and srdf with moveit classes and to give information about the model parsed
 CROSEE::Utils::SecondOrderFilter< SignalType >
 CROSEE::Utils::SecondOrderFilter< Eigen::VectorXd >
 CROSEE::Utils::Timer< Clock >
 CROSEE::UniversalRosEndEffectorExecutorClass representing the ROS executor implementing the unviversal ROS EE concept