ROS End-Effector package: provides a ROS-based set of standard interfaces to command robotics end-effectors in an agnostic fashion.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CActionThe pure virtual class representing an Action
 CActionComposedA ActionComposed, which is formed by one or more Primitives (or even other composed)
 CActionGenericClass to handle a generic, simple action
 CActionMultiplePinchTightClass to describe the action of "pinching" with more than 2 tips (with 2 tips there is the ActionPinchTight and ActionPinchLoose The number of the finger used is fixed when the object is costructed, and it is stored in the father member nFingersInvolved
 CdepthCompStruct to put in order the actionStates
 CActionPinchGenericA base virtual class for the PinchTight and PinchLoose classes
 CActionPinchLooseThe action of pinch with two tips
 CdistCompStruct to put in order the actionStates set
 CActionPinchTightThe action of pinch with two tips
 CdepthCompStruct to put in order the actionStates
 CActionPrimitiveVirtual class, Base of all the primitive actions
 CActionSingleJointMultipleTipsPrimitive which indicate a motion of n fingers moving ONLY ONE joint
 CActionTimedAn action composed by other ones that must be executed one after other with some wait time (also 0) in between
 CActionTrigThe action of moving some joints (see later) of a single finger in a full clousure position towards the palm
 CDummyHalClass representing an end-effector
 CEEHalClass representing an end-effector
 CEEInterfaceClass representing and End-Effector
 CFindActionsClass to check which fingertips collide (for the pinch action at the moment)
 CParserClass responsible for parsing the YAML file providing the URDF, SRDF, the EE-HAL library implementation and the EEInterface
 CParserMoveItClass to parse urdf and srdf with moveit classes and to give information about the model parsed
 CUniversalRosEndEffectorExecutorClass representing the ROS executor implementing the unviversal ROS EE concept
 CXBot2HalConcrete class which communicate directly with ROS topics