ROS End-Effector package: provides a ROS-based set of standard interfaces to command robotics end-effectors in an agnostic fashion.
Todo List
Class ROSEE::ActionComposed
A removeAction function? difficult to implement, and useless?
Class ROSEE::ActionTimed
identify inner actions with integer instead of given name?
Class ROSEE::ActionTrig
instead of tip , use the finger name for the Trig (i.e. the defined srdf group).
Class ROSEE::MapActionHandler
write docs
Member ROSEE::MapActionHandler::getGrasp (unsigned int nFingers, std::string graspName="grasp")
If not found, it tries to create a composed action, done with all trigs, and store this new action??
Member ROSEE::MapActionHandler::getPrimitiveSingleJointMultipleTipsMap (unsigned int nFingers) const
return with the key as set instead??? or leave as it is?
Class ROSEE::ParserMoveIt
merge this with Parser class?
Member ROSEE::ParserMoveIt::parseNonLinearMimicRelations (std::string xml)
make docs as convention, in the equation there must exist only the variable x, that is, the position of the father joint
Class ROSEE::RosActionServer
write docs
Class ROSEE::RosServiceHandler
write docs
Member ROSEE::Utils::yamlMatrixToEigen (const YAML::Node &matrixNode)
is there a better way to do this?
Class ROSEE::YamlWorker
PUT this in Parser?